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The top online sports betting sites offer free bets to new customers. Join several of them and receive multiple free bets.

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By taking advantage of multiple free bet offers, you can place a wager on both sides of a sporting bet to guarantee a win!

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We love sports betting, but it’s tough work beating the bookmakers in a consistent manner. Rather than try to beat the bookies, we beat the sports betting sites themselves. We take advantage of the welcome bonuses, free bets, and promotions offered by the top online sports betting sites.

Our sports betting system is simple, we open accounts at the leading online sportsbook sites, deposit some funds in each of them, and reap the benefits of becoming a new customer. This almost always entails a free sports bet!

Now if we receive 2 free sports bets from two different sites, we can place one wager on, for example, Manchester United to win on Site A, and Manchester United to lose on Site B. One of those outcomes will occur, guaranteeing that one of our bets will win!

Since the bet was given to us for free in the first place, this is a guaranteed profit!

We recommended opening accounts at the following sports betting sites below to start working this system.

Sports Betting
William Hill Free Bet

William Hill Free Bet

Open a new account at William Hill with promo code PROMO25, place your first real money sports bet of £25, and receive a free sports bet worth £25. Read full details of the William Hill free bet and promo code here.
Betfred Free Bet

Betfred Free Bet

Like William Hill Sports, open a new account at Betfred and place your first bet of £25 on a sporting event and, win or lose, you will receive a free bet worth £25. Read about the Betfred Promotion Code and free bet here.
Betfair Free Bet

Betfair Free Bet

Betfair Sports offers a £50 matched bet to all new customers. Place a bet of £50 in the sportsbook, and then receive a free bet worth £50. Read more details on the Betfair promo code and free bet offer here.
Ladbrokes Free Bet

Ladbrokes Free Bet

Ladbrokes Sports also provides a £25 free bet to all new customers. First place a £25 bet on a match and regardless of the outcome, you will receive a free £25 bet coupon! Read full details of the Ladbrokes promo code and free bet here.
NFL Betting Systemsports betting
Let’s take a look at a specific example. I like to bet on American football, so a typical NFL game at one of these online sports betting sites may look like this:

19 Jan 20:00 UK New England Patriots
O 55.0
Denver Broncos
U 55.0

According to these odds, the Denver Broncos are a 5.5 point favourite, meaning the Broncos would need to win by 6 points to win this bet.

So I’m going to open an account at William Hill Sports and deposit £50 there. I will then place a £25 bet on the Denver Broncos to cover the spread (win by 6 points).

At the same time, I’m going to open an account at Betfred Sports and deposit £50 there as well. At Betfred Sports, I will place a £25 bet on the New England Patriots to win the bet.

One of these bets will win and the other will lose. The payout is 1.91 as seen in the table above.

One of my accounts – let’s say at William Hill – will drop to a balance of £25.

The other account at Betfred will increase to £72.75.

However, by placing these bets, I will now receive a free £25 bet from William Hill and another £25 free bet from Betfred. These are free bet coupons that you can now use!

If we find another similar game, and place the bets in the same manner, one free bet will win and one free bet will lose. By losing the free bet, our balance simply remains the same.

So let’s say our William Hill account will remain at £25.

But we will end up winning the Betfred free bet, and so we will receive the winning amount of £22.75 (the amount of the free bet coupon is not returned to you, only the proceeds), and our balance here is now £95.50.

If we add up these balances, we now have a total of £120.50, which means a GUARANTEED PROFIT of £20.50!

We just earned £20.50 with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!

And now simply rinse and repeat. Use the same system at Ladbrokes Sports and Betfair Sports, but with £50 bets.

Place your first bet of £50 at each site. You will then receive a free £50 bet from both sites. Follow our system again and you will now have earned double the amount, for a GUARANTEED PROFIT of £41.00.

That’s a total of £61.50 in risk-free profits!

Yes, your welcome. Sign up to these four recommended sites right here:

William Hill Sports Free Bet

William Hill Sports

Click here to sign up to William Hill Sports.

Register your new account with William Hill promo code PROMO25 to receive this offer. Read about this promo code at

Betfred Sports Free Bet

Betfred Sports

Click here to open your account at Betfred Sports.

Register your new account with the Betfred promotion code BETFREE to receive this offer! Learn more about this Betfred promo code here.

Ladbrokes Sports Free Bet

Ladbrokes Sports

Click here to sign up to Ladbrokes Sports.

Redeem the Ladbrokes promo code F25 to receive this free bet. Read more about this Ladbrokes free bet offer here!

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